DAS Regenerative Desciccant Air Dryer

The DAS is the reliable, cost effective and flexible way to provide clean dry air exactly where needed.

Heatless desiccant dryers remove moisture by passing air over a regenerative adsorbent material which strips moisture from the air. They are ideal for critical high quality oil free air treatment applications where very dry air is required.

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Model(s): DAS1-115-60-CSA, DAS2-115-60-CSA, DAS3-115-60-CSA, DAS4-115-60-CSA, DAS5-115-60-CSA, DAS6-115-60-CSA, DAS7-115-60-CSA

Features & Benefits of Parker DAS Air Dryer:
• Point of use application bringing clean dry air just where you need it
• Approved to international standards designed in accordance with ASME VIII Div.1, approved to CSA/UL/CRN and fully CE Marked (PED, EMC, LVD) as standard
• Simple to install - flexible installation utilizing the multiple in-line inlet & outlet connection ports
• Compact and lightweight - can be floor, bench or wall / canopy mounted
• Very quiet operation - noise level less than 70dB(A)
• Can be installed almost anywhere, IP66 / NEMA 4 protection as standard
• Audible alarm - indicating service interval for optimal performance
• Simple & easy to maintain - due to the quick release top cap arrangement, which does NOT require the inlet / outlet ports to be disconnected as with traditional systems, maintenance can be achieved in under 15 minutes

Sizing and Selection
To ensure quoted air purity performance is met, a compressed air dryer must be sized correctly for minimum operating pressure, maximum inlet temperature and maximum inlet flow rate using the Product Information Sheet.

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FUNCTION Regenerative Desiccant Dryer
OPERATING PRESSURE 58 to 175 PSIG (4 to 21 bar)
FLOW RANGE 3 SCFM to 20 SCFM @ 100 PSIG (85 L/min to 567 L/min @ 7 bar)
NOISE LEVEL (Average): 70dB(A)
PRESSURE DEWPOINT – Standard: -40°F (-40°C) pdp
INPUT SUPPLY VOLTAGE 115/1ph/60Hz (Tolerance +/- 10%)
CONTROL METHOD Electronic Control Timer
WEIGHT (KG) 11 to 28
WEIGHT (LB) 24 to 62


Dimensions and Weight
Model A ins. (mm) Weight lbs. (kg)
DAS1-115-60-CSA 16.6 (422) 24.2 (11)
DAS2-115-60-CSA 19.7 (500) 28.7 (13)
DAS3-115-60-CSA 24.2 (616) 35.3 (16)
DAS4-115-60-CSA 27.2 (692) 39.7 (18)
DAS5-115-60-CSA 33.3 (847) 44.1 (20)
DAS6-115-60-CSA 35.7 (906) 50.7 (23)
DAS7-115-60-CSA 43.2 (1098) 61.7 (28)
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