PRD 200-2400 Series Refrigeration Air Dryers

PRD 200-2400 Series refrigeration air dryers are ideal for general purpose oil free pneumatic air treatment applications. They typically provide pressure dew points of 35°F (1.7°C) to 50°F (10°C) pressure dew point (pdp). Refrigeration air dryers work by cooling the air, so are limited to positive pressure dew point ratings to prevent freezing of the condensed liquid. Refrigeration dryers use a set of heat exchangers or a single heat exchanger (with chambers) first to pre-cool the air; second to refrigerate the air to condense out moisture vapor; and last to re-heat the air to prevent pipe sweating downstream particularly in humid conditions.

Dewpoints of 38°F to 50°F are suitable for many indoor applications where general removal of water and some vapor is suitable for the end user's process.

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Model(s): PRD200, PRD250, PRD325, PRD400, PRD500, PRD700, PRD800, PRD1000, PRD1200, PRD1600, PRD2000, PRD2400

Non-Cycling (Direct Expansion) dryers are a type of dryer where the compressed air and the refrigerant come into direct contact via the heat exchanger. While reliable and simple to use, they generally require that the unit continues to run regardless of actual compressed air flow through the dryer. Cycling dryers that utilize a thermal mass as the means to absorb the heat from the compressed air. By chilling a thermal mass, a refrigerant compressor may turn off in times of low demand thereby saving energy by shutting off the refrigerant compressor.

Features of Parker PRD 200-2400 Series Air Dryers:
• Optimum dewpoint levels for highest system performance
• Advanced patented design solutions
• High reliability, easy to use and maintain
• Unique 4-in-1 SmartPack heat exchanger
• Integral drain
• Extremely low pressure drop design
• SmartControl energy saving function
• Excellent dewpoint performances
• Advanced compliant scroll compressor

Sizing and Model Selection
To ensure quoted air purity performance is met, a compressed air dryer must be sized correctly for minimum operating pressure, maximum inlet temperature and maximum inlet flow rate using the Product Information Sheet.

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FUNCTION Refrigeration Dryer
PORT SIZE 1-1/2" NPT-F | 2" NPT-F | 3" NPT-M | 4" Flange | 6" Flange
FLOW RATE (SCFM) 200 to 2400
FLOW RATE (M3/MIN) 425 to 4078
PRESSURE DROP (PSI) Less than 5 (at rated flow)
PRESSURE DROP (BAR) Less than 0.35 (at rated flow)

PRD 200-2400 Dimensions
Dimensions (mm) and weight (kg)
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A in (mm)
B in (mm)
C in (mm)
Weight lb (kg)
PRD200 28.0 (711) 37.0 (940) 22.0 (559) 183 (83)
PRD250 28.0 (711) 42.0 (1067) 41.0 (1041) 287 (130)
PRD325 28.0 (711) 42.0 (1067) 41.0 (1041) 320 (145)
PRD400 28.0 (711) 42.0 (1067) 41.0 (1041) 320 (145)
PRD500 28.0 (711) 42.0 (1067) 41.0 (1041) 342 (155)
PRD700 32.0 (813) 52.0 (1321) 46.0 (1168) 529 (240)
PRD800 32.0 (813) 52.0 (1321) 46.0 (1168) 529 (240)
PRD1000 32.0 (813) 52.0 (1321) 46.0 (1168) 551 (250)
PRD1200 40.0 (1016) 67.0 (1702) 43.0 (1092) 816 (370)
PRD1600 40.0 (1016) 68.0 (1727) 71.0 (1803) 1279 (580)
PRD2000 40.0 (1016) 68.0 (1727) 71.0 (1803) 1477 (670)
PRD2400 40.0 (1016) 68.0 (1727) 71.0 (1803) 1521 (690)

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