Parker Hyperchill PCW Water Chillers

Hyperchill maximizes productivity and minimizes costs, by operating in a closed circuit, and continuously reutilizing the same water to avoid waste. It always supplies the exact water temperature requested, despite ambient conditions and load requests.

Hyperchill combines advanced design solutions, such as energy saving scroll compressors and a sophisticated microprocessor, with unique features to meet the specific needs of industrial users: these include Hyperchill's extreme flexibility towards the varying working conditions typically found in industry.

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Model(s): PCW007, PCW013, PCW020, PCW025, PCW040, PCW060, PCW080, PCW110, PCW130, PCW160, PCW210, PCW260, PCW330, PCW420, PCW510, PCW650

Parker Hyperchill PCW water chillers celebrate a presence of over 30 years in the industrial chiller market. This experience has led to a range which not only offers all the advantages typically offered by a quality water chiller, but also adds significant benefits for the industrial user.

The standard models are augmented by a wide range of options and accessories, which together ensure Hyperchill is the perfect solution to each and every industrial application.

Thanks to a non-ferrous hydraulic circuit, Hyperchill Plus ensures stable working conditions with maximum quality and cleanliness of the cooling fluid (water, water-glycol mixture, and low viscosity fluids), improving the efficiency and productivity of the process and greatly reducing maintenance costs and plant downtime. Each individual Hyperchill Plus unit is extensively tested to guarantee efficient operation and reliability in all environments.

Features and benefits of Parker Hyperchill:
• A differential pressure switch is installed to ensure the system shuts down in case of flow restriction.
• Compact design that is easy to install
• Reliable operation even in extreme ambient conditions. The standard units allow maximum ambient temperatures up to 118 °F. The tropicalized units up to 127 °F
• Non-ferrous hydraulic circuit maintains the quality of the coolant ensuring stable working conditions improving productivity and decreasing maintenance costs
• Pump and tank installed inside the chiller
• IP54 standard from ICEP007 for outdoor installations
• Designed with eyebolts (till ICEP014) for easy handling
• Full internal access for easy maintenance
• Low ambient speed-control (optional)
• PID software developed and tested to give the highest temperature consistency even at variable loads
• Large built-in water tank
• Oversized condensers and evaporators
• Compliant scroll compressors
• Advanced microprocessor
• Flexibility of use
• Extensive range of accessories
• Environmentally friendly refrigerant - R407C
• Increases productivity and reduces costs
• Optimizes industrial applications
• Adaptable to individual customer needs
• Accepts wide range of water temperatures and fluctuating water flows

Why an Industrial Chiller?
The use of cold water is very common in industry, as cold water improves productivity, secures industrial processes and reduces costs. There are several methods of creating cold water, but water chillers are increasingly becoming the preferred solution. Primarily because chillers always supply the exact water temperature requested, even with differing ambient conditions and load requests, thus ensuring optimum efficiency. Chillers, by operating in a closed circuit, continuously reutilize the same water, and thereby avoid unwanted water wastage. Add to this fact that a number of directives have recently emerged to safeguard both the quality of the water being utilized (for health reasons) as well as the discharging of impure water into the ambient (to protect the environment): closed circuit chiller operation greatly simplifies conformance to these regulations. The needs of industry are changing, and a water chiller increasingly satisfies these needs.

• Coating Systems
• Chemical & Pharmaceutical Processes
• Plastics Processing
• Thermoform Machines
• Plasma Coating
• Medical Imaging Systems
• Food & Beverage Industry
• Injection Molding
• Machine Tools
• Electroplating Baths
• Biogas & Natural Gas Treatment
• Compressed Air Treatment
• Laser Technology
• Extruders
• Surface Processing
• Welding Engineering
• Blow Mold Machines
• Flexographic Printing Systems

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TYPE Air-Cooled
PORT CONNECTION (INCH) 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2", 2", 2 1/2"
COMPRESSOR Hermetic Piston, Hermetic Scroll
APPLICATION TYPE Precision cooling of low viscosity industrial cooling fluids
WEIGHT (LBS) 230, 240, 370, 400, 550, 595, 840, 904, 950, 1150, 1765, 1990, 2205, 3310, 3970, 4630
WIDTH (INCH) 20.9, 38.6, 44.2, 65, 85.6, 118.1, 128.7
DEPTH (INCH) 29.5, 21, 28.7, 29.3, 35.4, 50.8
HEIGHT (INCH) 31.5, 48.3, 53.5, 76.9, 89.4
NOISE LEVEL (DB(A)) 52, 53, 50, 55, 58, 62, 64
BRAND Parker
TANK CAPACITY 6.6 gal, 11.9 gal, 31.7 gal, 47.6 gal, 66.0 gal, 79.3 gal, 132.0 gal, 264.0 gal
AIR FLOW (CFM) 1350, 2590, 2410, 4180, 4000, 5410, 7300, 7060, 10240, 15000, 14710, 15540, 27660, 27070, 38850
PUMP TYPE P30 (Standard)

Dimensions (in) and weight (lbs)
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Height in
Width in
Depth in
Weight lbs*
(axial fan version)
PCW007 31.5 29.5 20.9 230
PCW013 31.5 29.5 20.9 240
PCW020 48.3 21.0 38.6 370
PCW025 48.3 21.0 38.6 400
PCW040 53.5 28.7 44.2 550
PCW060 53.5 28.7 44.2 595
PCW080 53.5 29.3 65.0 840
PCW110 53.5 29.3 65.0 904
PCW130 53.5 29.3 65.0 950
PCW160 53.5 29.3 85.6 1150
PCW210 76.9 35.4 85.6 1765
PCW260 76.9 35.4 85.6 1990
PCW330 76.9 35.4 85.6 2205
PCW420 89.4 50.8 118.1 3310
PCW510 89.4 50.8 118.1 3970
PCW650 89.4 50.8 128.7 4630
* Weights are inclusive of pallet and refrigerant charge.

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